Make your entire laundromat cashless for increased automation and less liability. Our expert team will install the machine onsite securely into an interior wall. The EFTPOS Token Machines are all connected the the Washouse Cloud. From here, you can view sales stats, machine and EFTPOS logs, receipts, and adjust settings on your machine remotely. Vandal proof through the wall installation.


Automated and cashless dispension of consumerable goods. Able to dispense individual packets of Soap Power, Fabric Softener, or Laundry Bags. All EFTPOS Soap Dispensers are connected to the Wahouse Cloud. From here you can review sales stats, receive instant noficiations when out of stock, and adjust your settings remotely. Vandal proof through the wall installation.


Security and Alarms

Our state-of-the-art CCTV system allows you to monitor your premises from the comfort of your own home. Record locally and view live footage from the mobile app. You can also opt into a monthly plan that will link alarms and sensors in your laundromat to a monitoring centre, If alarms are triggered the monitoring centre will check your cameras and then follow security procedures to protect your premises.

Relay Automation

Automatic relays allow remote control over power running to your machines on site, allowing you to fix errors without having to send a technician to site to reboot the machines. Every laundromat you own is displayed on our cloud, and within each you can view all of your machines, and have the option to run a powercycle on them, fixing the majority of common errors you find with washing machines.

Roller Doors

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