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The Washouse Laundry Solutions (part of The Washouse Group), are New Zealand’s leading specialised builder of laundromats, building in excess of 100 laundromats over the last 5 years. We have a wealth of industry knowledge and understand exactly what it takes to build and run successful laundromats. If you are considering building, owning or operating a laundromat, we suggest you make a time to meet with us for a free 1 hour consultation. We can talk you through the main factors to ensure you go down the right path.

Factors such as;

    Location and demographics
    Lease-important clauses to be added in any agreement for your business
    As we are not a distributor, we can advise you on the right brand for your purpose and help you gain competitive quotes from the distributor’s
    Machine and Build budgets
    Laundry design
    Profit / Revenue calculator
    Finance options, and finance partners we can assist with
    In the case of self service, we are able to offer a full range of cash machines, Eftpos token machines or full Eftpos payment on washing and dryers to be completely cash free
    Importance of a pre-signing of a lease site visit to check all services
    Location and demographics

Setting up a laundromat can be an overwhelming process, particularly if you don’t know or have the right advice. There are many traps or draw backs for the inexperienced which can negatively impact your business.

Factors such as;

    Inexperienced trade services design of the laundromat
    Council requirements
    Building consents
    Hidden compliance costs
    Water infrastructure growth charges

These are just a few which can add months and additional costs to your set-up. Partnering up with The Washouse Laundry Solutions alleviates the stress and hassle in setting up a laundromat. We are able to do as little or as much as you want, or provide a full turn-key build.


How much does it cost?

    The capital needed to start a self-service laundry business relies on many factors including laundromat size and equipment required and the complexity of the fit-out.
    The average investment range we have found has been $175,000 - $300,000 + GST pending size.

What size shop do I need?

    65 – 80 square metres (eg. 6 m x 12m) is the ideal size for a self-service laundromat.

What's the average ROI?

    Our customers report a return on investment of up to 30% for laundromats that have been set up with a lease in what we consider a good location.

Should I purchase an existing laundromat or build a new one?

    We have found that taking over existing old machines and changing them out, more often than not, means changing the infrastructure. This can result in no saving. In some cases it can cost more than a new build.
    Secondly a new build will be totally compliant to Council Building Standards and will come with all Building Certificates required for Council and Insurance Companies.
    Please Note: There are however exceptions to this rule. One is location. If it’s a great location it may well be worth the exercise of us doing an inspection for you and pricing up the demo and new install.

What type of equipment do I need?

    Typically, 95% of all our clients use industrial laundry equipment in their laundromats.
    We have current relationships with laundry equipment distributors. We can advise on the right machines and distributors you should use for your specific laundromat, taking into account the laundromat role (ie. serviced or self-serviced), the cost and the after sales service that you will gain from the different companies.
    The Washouse Laundry Solutions is not a distributor, nor do we receive a commission or referral for any clients purchasing a machine from any particular distributor.
    We do however own and run several self-serviced laundromats through our sister company, The Washouse Laundromats. So you can be sure that any advice received is an informed recommendation based on real industry experience.
    We are also privy to knowing what the different machines cost and are able to advise if you have received a good or fair price quote. If necessary, we can assist you to get alternate quotes, ensuring you get the best suited and most competitively priced machines to meet your requirements.

For an Investor

Minimal Labour

    Particularly so with most ‘self-serviced’ laundromats, which often only have a commercial cleaner

High Sucess Rate

    With the right advice and set-up, many of our clients enjoy a high success rate when compared to typical retail businesses

Simple to Run

    With the use of the Washouse Eftpos payment system and cloud-based management system, clients have no real reason to be onsite with remote management being totally achievable

Work / Life Balance

    With the flexibility of minimal or no staff plus our Washouse cloud management systems you can decide when, where and how to run your business


The Washouse Laundry Solutions is your one-stop shop for building laundromats, installations, renovations and relocations. We provide ongoing maintenance, support with council consents, installation of all fixture and fittings, plumbing, gas and electrical support.


The Washouse Laundry Solutions has a team specializing in the building and development of new laundromats, as well and renovation of existing laundromats.


We’ve completed dozens of jobs throughout New Zealand and have received overwhelmingly great testimonials from our clients.


We have available stainless steel folding tables and bench seating, at a affordable rates, we provide transport and installation for these as well.

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We have the appropiate personal to help with the right water methods, and alternative supply and recycling options.

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