Our Facilities and Prices

Washing machines

Washing machines with 8kg capacity : $2
Washing machines with 10kg capacity : $3
Washing machines with 14kg capacity : $4
Washing machines with 27kg capacity : $6
*$1 extra for heavy wash
*$1 extra for warm/hot wash


Dryers with 8kg capacity : $1 for 10 minutes or $2 for 20 minutes.
Dryers with 14kg capacity : $1 for 8 minutes or $2 for 16 minutes.
Dryers with 27kg capacity : $1 for 6 minutes or $2 for 12 minutes.

Washing powder dispenser

You can bring your own washing powder or purchase a two-wash pack for $2.

Change machine

If you don't have the right change available, we have a change machine that accepts $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes and also a range of coins.

Folding tables

Our laundromats are fully equipped with plenty of folding tables where you can fold your clean clothes.


For your convenience we provide seating while you wait for your laundry to be done.


We have 24-hour security camera surveillance for the protection of our customers and facilities.

Ice-cream machine

There is a vending machine for your favorite ice-creams!!

Drinks and snacks

We also provide a vending machine filled with cold drinks and snacks for our customers.